Self-Empowerment coaching and counselling.  Live a more fulfilling life from a playful loving heart space, with techni~colour and surround sound.

Be guided and supported on your healing  journey. Discover, explore and claim your connection to self on your terms by your design. 

Helping you find your Power, Connection and Compassion to Self and or with your Partner. Identifying, shifting and transforming your limiting beliefs, patterns and blocks. Embrace your body, heart, mind and soul, unconditionally.

Expand your levels of intimacy; physically, emotionally, intellectually, energetically and spiritually. Add more playful spice and adventure into your intimate relationship with self and partner. Cultivate and Create Conscious Self~Empowerment through Awareness, Awakening, and Healing from Within.

Its time to break out of the conditioned scripts, limiting beliefs, past imprinting, traumatic experiences and connect to your truth, reclaim your power, remember who you truly are and awaken renewed in all aspects and levels of your life on your terms with love and joy in your heart.

Open to seekers of enlightenment; solo beings of feminine or masculine form, couples, and small groups. All orientations, genders identity, lifestyles, and those, free of labels. Welcome and be Celebrated!

All done through a combination of the following certified integrative teachings and my own blend of knowledge and wisdom:

  • Life Coaching
  • Transformational Counselling
  • Restorative Hatha & Laya Yoga (RYT200)
  • Authentic Tantra® Teaching
  • Classical & Neo Tantra Coaching
  • Relationship & Intimacy Coaching
  • Playful Loving Programs

I enjoy inspiring wonder, curiosity, acceptance and authentic communication through holistic wisdom of well-being and healing, cultivating the appropriate conditions for you to obtain your comfort levels of self-awareness and awakening with an equally healthy amount of science. Nourishing your passion for love, life and intimacy. Connecting you to your natural power,  your true essence, your playfulness, your purpose and your pleasure with respect, honour, love and compassion.

Live YOUR LIFE fully as a beautiful shiny human being with self-connection, empowerment, unapologetic expression, and passion by your design.


PRIVATE Confidential, Coaching & Counselling within a safe sacred space.
Celebrating single/solo person and couples/pairs of all genders, orientations, lifestyles, people of every background, age and ability, looking forward to being with a partner, relationships of thirty years or newly-partnered, newlyweds and anyone in between. Welcome.

Passionate Coaching & Counselling
for Life, Love & Intimacy  

Connect with Viktoria


 You may want to work with me if you want to be:

  • Cultivating SELF-EMPOWERMENT
  • Nurturing HEALING from within
  • RELEASING that which does not serve you
  • Reclaiming your POWER and PLAYFULNESS
  • Creating a more HEALTHY Playful Loving YOU

You may want to work with me if you:

  •     are looking to remove blocks to bliss
  •     want to expand your capacity to trust
  •     have low passion and purpose
  •     difficulty expressing your needs and desires
  •     feeling frustrated, restless and unsettled
  •     have experienced abuse or trauma
  •     have not yet reached orgasm with yourself/partner
  •     want to know what an orgasmic state is
  •     want to become multi-orgasmic
  •     struggle with premature ejaculation
  •     struggle with erectile dysfunction
  •     struggle with vaginismus
  •     want to expand your types of orgasmic experiences
  •     want a deeper sensual-sexual-spiritual connection with yourself
  •     want a deeper sensual-sexual-spiritual connection with your lover
  •     desire to love and accept your body
  •     want to enhance your pleasure potential
  •     want to expand your sensual-sexual techniques/skills
  •     find yourself saying, ‘my vagina made me do it’ or ‘my penis made me do it’
  •     feel shame, guilt, fear, anxiety, pressure, stress, or pain in relation to physical intimacy and intimate interactions with others
  •     use physical intimacy to avoid feeling

How do I begin? You ask…

Self-Empowerment Coaching/Counselling session is unique to each person.  After the initial 15 minute complimentary telephone consultation/strategy session. The coaching intention for your journey is revealed.

It takes great courage to seek out guidance and support. To boldly go where you have not gone before. To set yourself on a quest for knowledge and understanding that will bring healing, wisdom and empowerment.



What does Personalized Private
Self~Empowerment Coaching look like with Viktoria?
Awesome question, see below.

✔ Complimentary 15-min Telephone Consultation Strategy Session

✔ Sessions Unique to You In Person and/or Telephone/Online

✔ Sessions may include a mix of coaching and counselling from the academic science realm, ancient teachings/practices of Daoist, Eastern Indian(Yoga) and Tibetan(Tibetan, Classical and Neo): creating safe space, sharing dialogue, theory, language, personal self-care approach, anatomy, psycho-biological approach, experiential practice exercises, self-empowerment practices, natural intimacy awakening exercises, guided healing from within practices, self-healing practices, assignments, home-play work, readings, and optional; based on personal comfort levels – receiving hands-on one way touch body work for individuals or guided to give body work for partners.

✔ Support 20 min telephone calls

✔ Support email exchange during your program

✔ *Bonus ~ personalized follow up session upon completion of your coaching package to support you, clear any questions or blocks



Self~Empowerment Coaching
1 MONTH In-Person Package

  • Coaching Tailored to YOU
  • 4 ~ 90min Sessions for Solo
  • 4 ~ 90min Sessions for Pair
  • support email exchange
  • 2 support 20min telephone call
  • BONUS 30min Follow-Up Session

$800 for Solo/Individual
$980 for Pair/Couple

Book your coaching package/session
Connecting with me


Self-Empowerment Coaching
3.5 day Heal & Stay
In-Person Package:

  • Coaching Tailored to YOU
  • 4 ~ 90min-2hr Sessions for Solo
  • 4 ~ 90min-2hr Sessions for Pair
  • In person support over the course of the 3-4 days
  • 2 support 20min telephone calls
  • support email exchange
  • BONUS 30-60min Follow-Up Session

$1600 for Solo/Individual
$2000 for Pair/Couple

Book your coaching package/session
Connecting with me


Self~Empowerment Coaching Package
1 MONTH by Voice/Online

  • Tailored to YOU
  • 4 ~ 60min Sessions for Solo
  • 4 ~ 60min Sessions for Pair
  • support email exchange
  • 1 support 20min telephone call

$ 620 for Solo/Individual
$ 800 for Pair/Couple

Book your coaching package/session
Connecting with me


Voice/Online or In-Person

  • 1hr Consultation for Solo
  • 1.5hr Consultation for Pair
  • includes summary email of session

$ 150-$170 for Solo/Individual
$ 200-$260 for Pair/Couple

Book your coaching consultation
Connecting with me



  • The above pricing includes taxes.
  • Payment plan options are available.
  • Payment methods: cash, credit card or email money transfer


Passionate Coaching & Counselling
for Life, Love & Intimacy

Connect with me for your complimentary 15min Strategy Session



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