clearing003Bondassage® for the Curious
Sensual/Sexual Adventurer
2.5 hr Workshop for
singles(solo) & couples(pairs)
& group of friends

Date: Thursday, Sep 22
Date: Thursday, Dec 15
Time : 7:30pm to 10:00pm
@ Theatre for Health
Studio Basement
853 Bloor Street West

Investment $40pp
Register: 416-887-5621


Bondassage® for the Curious Sensual/Sexual Adventurer is about expanding your bedroom repertoire and bringing a high level of intimacy and delight to those you touch.  Designed for sensually adventurous individuals and couples.  We provide a 2 1/5 hour workshop of sensual fun and creativity, designed to enrich your personal sexual play.  Learn how to access your inner Dominant and skillfully excite your partner into sublime surrender by creating safe and comfortable bondage scenarios.

Join us for a tantalizing introduction to Lovers of Bondassage® . We will introduce the elements needed to create a unique Bondassage® experience. We will practice as a group and in partner, using a combination of massage techniques, breath/energy work and body sensation play.

Take Your Sensual Skill Set to a Higher Level of Intimacy

Learn and Explore:

  • Negotiated Surrender: Verbal/written boundary setting exercise. Dialoguing giving/receiving roles.
  • Sensory Deprivation using blindfolds
  • Sensation Play using household pervertible items and typical kink toys
  • Massage Techniques on hands/arms for partnered and self-massage

Exercises will first be shown by demonstration, followed with partners and individuals.  Each participants personal safety, consent and comfort level will be addressed for each exercise.  Participants may choose who they wish to partner with. Partnering is not necessary to participate in the exercises.

Bondassage®  is the ultimate in kinky sensual massage. If you are into bondage, erotic massage or sensual domination, you will want to learn this new wave of erotic massage experience.



IMPORTANT to Also, PLEASE NOTE:  All our workshops/events are Fragrance Free Zones as we are in a group space to warmly welcome those with  physical sensitivities. This means no colognes or perfumes please. Essential Oils dabs are fine. ~ Thank you for supporting our community of beautiful shiny beings. ~ Viktoria


Participant reviews:

“I liked everything. More understanding and a great baseline to really experience more and newer communication. These techniques really help to heighten the pleasure.”
“I learned a lot more than expected; how to incorporate the four elements into our sex journey is exciting. The “kinky” mantra or philosophy is one I will continue to use and live my life by.”
“I loved the variety! A great mix of kink, safety, intimacy, massage, and connecting nature’s rhythms (the elements).”
“I learned how to expand what I can offer to partners, with empathy and recognition of their present self (emotions, physical self, mental self, etc.)”


Viktoria a.k.a. Lady Viktoria (Toronto) is Founder of Playful Loving and Kinky4Play. Lady Viktoria identifies as a passionate provocateur, catalyst and avant-garde sexuality and relationship coach. She has been an active kink community leader for over 10 years and leads adventurous public play-shops, classes and intensives.  She is a gifted speaker, inspiring confidence, curiousity and authentic communication with her audience.  She regularly facilitates presentations and workshops at community organizations, campuses and conferences across North America. Safe, Sane, Consensual, and Risk Aware with Trust, Honour and Respect. Expanded to mean mindfully aware within the boundaries of safety, consent and comfort levels with respect, honour, and trust being built reciprocally.


PLEASE NOTE: There are limited seats and in fairness to everyone, your spot is guaranteed once paid for. Because of this, all sales on workshops are FINAL.

**** WE WILL NOT CANCEL DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER unless the city requests that people stay off the streets. If you do not like to drive in the snow, please ensure that you have other travel options or leave enough time to make it to the workshop.

If this workshop is out of stock (sold out), if you would like to be placed on the waitlist without charge, please email.

This workshop is also available as a private party or private coaching workshop that you can book for you and your partner or with your friends.


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