Healing Body, Mind & Heart Yoga: Restorative & Healing Yoga
1hr Yoga Class for *women
* women/identify as women/gender queer/trans men/trans women
a great alternative to private coaching/counselling
a great way to meet us, your TSY Teachers

When & Where?
Tuesdays from 6:15pm – 7:15pm
@ Spiritwind Studio, 64 Oxford St./Augusta in Kensington Market
above the Urban Herbivore and across from Wanda’s Pie in the Sky

We invite you to reconnect with your body in a safe and supportive environment designed to nurture mindful presence, connection and confidence.

This 1hr Healing Body, Mind and Heart Yoga ~ Restorative and Healing Yoga class is designed for those that have experienced any kind of trauma: a state that places you out of control from your awareness and senses. Creating an emotional charge or stillness of the mind/body, or combination, which overwhelm your day to day movements, behaviour and interactions.  This may have happened recently or is currently on-going, or an impactful experience, or from a past cellular memory loop that re-appears every so often, or residual small compounded experience(s) that may have not had the opportunity to be released. All of which disconnect you from remembering and connecting to your true essence, your source, your infinite self.  Affecting your physical, emotional, intellectual or energetic well-being, and may appear as you struggling with hyper vigilance, stress, anxiety, depression and body-shame.

The focus of the class offering will be on developing awareness of the body, learning to be present with difficult emotions, and rekindling your joyful expression. To allow for a container to be created for your intuitive healing process to take place in conjunction with the support of your circle of healing (clinician, therapist, medical professional, counsellor, educator, alternative healing practitioner, nutritionist, somatic-body worker, coach,  etc., and loved ones).

You will be safely guided through a sequence of restorative and healing yoga poses, with plenty of options given so that you can tailor the class to your unique needs. Each class will conclude with different breath work and meditation, relaxation integration, and a brief sharing period. This class is suitable to all levels of participants and is ideal for those who are looking for a gentle, grounded and relaxing experience.

We invite any questions or sharing of thoughts.
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Warm open hearted welcome,
Monica & Viktoria

When & Where?
Tuesdays from 6:15pm – 7:15pm
@ Spiritwind Studio, 64 Oxford St./Augusta in Kensington Market

What to bring and wear?
Yoga mat, closed water bottle, yoga-esque attire.

Please Note: This a fragrance free zone. Exception: essential oil drop is usually okay.

Your Investment Choices:
$10/first time class
$20/class regularly for drop-in or
$60 for four classes
sliding scale available, please ask

Register with…
Monica: integrativesexcoach@gmail.com
Viktoria: viktoria@playfulloving.com  or call 416-887-5621
or just show up and get your yoga on with us!



Your TSY Teachers

Monica Kovacs is a certified Somatic Sex Educator, Yoga Teacher, Holistic Nutritionist, and Crisis Centre volunteer. She works with clients in healing body-shame, building sexual communication skills, cultivating joyful embodiment and integrating sexuality into a holistic, healing experience.

Viktoria Kalenteris is a Transformational Counsellor, Empowerment Coach, Holistic Chi Kung Massage Practitioner/Teacher, Yoga Teacher and Authentic Tantra Teacher. She guides you through an intuitive holistic playful loving healing journey. Gently, slowly, empowering your sexuality and relationship with yourself.